Introducing Hosting by Spleet Africa; the most efficient tool to make money from your living spaces.

Why become a Host on Spleet?

  1. Earn Money From Your Space: You create an additional income stream by listing your space.
  2. Rigorous KYC: Potential renters undergo extensive screening procedures.
  3. Eliminate Agent & Legal Hassles: List your space, sit back and enjoy your earnings without any middleman
  4. Keep Your Space Pristine : Listing your space gives you access to our value added services; cleaning, and general maintenance support.
  5. Enjoy Host Analytics: Your dashboard on Spleet Africa easily see gives you access to bookings, subscriptions, earnings so far, feedback from members, etc.
Spleet Africa’s Hosting Dashboard grants hosts an autonomy to control their space and earnings.

How Does It Work?

There are 3 easy steps to get started on the journey to earning money on Spleet Africa with your space:

Hosting your spaces on Spleet Africa is easy

Step 1: List Your Space:

Fill all required information, fully describing your space and its highlights.

Step 2: Subscriptions and Bookings

We give you autonomy to set the price of your spaces per listing. Remember this price includes rent, waste, maintenance, security dues, etc. The goal is to allow our members to enjoy an all inclusive billing experience.

Step 3: Start Earning Money

After your listing is approved, sit back and let your space earn you money. Ensure you update your profile with your relevant bank details for payment and settlement purposes.


  • Is listing free?
  • What kind of spaces can I list on Spleet Africa?
  • What can members list my space for?
  • How do I get paid when my space is subscribed?
  • How do I add a bank account to my dashboard
  1. Go to Payment tab on your Spleet Africa dashboard
  2. Click on Payment option to add your bank verification details, account number and select a bank.
  3. Confirm your name and click Add bank to save the details.
  • Can I list my current home address?
  • Must I furnish the space?
  • Can I withdraw my listing?

In Summary,

At Spleet Africa, our mission remains to provide access to easier living solutions for our members and greater returns for Hosts.



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