5 Places to Visit in Ghana

Image by Yoel Winkler

Do artsy stuff at the Artists Alliance Gallery

Sam’s recent trip to Accra, Ghana, was for a company retreat which, somehow, morphed into an art trip to the Artists Alliance Gallery. “The art in that place was simply exhilarating”, he recalls, “there’s something about the environment and the curated works there that make you want to spend your whole life just staring at those pieces”.

Unpack the history and culture at Jamestown

When the British and the Portuguese left Jamestown, they left behind cultural and architectural indicators of their presence. In this moving neighbourhood of Accra, you will enjoy an exciting experience learning about this legacy.

Jamestown Lighthouse by Afro Tourism

Unpack some more history at Cape Coast

Kunle’s visit to the former European colonial capital, Cape Coast, opened his mind to such history as he did not expect from such an eye-catching environment. Once referred to as Cabo Corso by the Portuguese, this is considered as one of the most culturally significant spots in all Africa.

Cape Coast by Hello Lightbulb (Unsplash)
Elmina Castle by Peace Itimi

Cool off at Lake Bosumtwe

Lake Bosumtwe is the only natural lake in all of Ghana. But that is not the only exciting thing about it.


Enjoy the view at Kakum National Park

If you’re into animal watching or exploring the wild like my friend, Tony, then you will find the Kakum National Park an exciting adventure on your trip to Ghana. “The best way to really appreciate the scenery of the park is to go on the canopy walk for sure”.

Kakum Canopy Walk by Hello Lightbulb



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